The Safer Together Solution

The Safer Together Solution (STS) brings neighbors together with the local police to dramatically reduce crime and violence. STS is based on sound social science methods that quickly and efficiently address emerging public safety concerns at the neighborhood level. STS is a culture change toolkit for city governments, police departments and district attorney’s offices. The STS toolkit includes:

Our History

Police and Neighbors Can Work Together

In 1969 the Human Resource Institute first addressed police and community relations. We have witnessed what can be achieved by co-creating a safer neighborhood culture. Police and neighbors can join together to reduce crime and violence.


The Human Resources Institute (HRI), a research, publishing and consulting firm focuses on the creation of supportive cultural environments. HRI has assisted several hundred government, business, and community organizations to bring about lasting and positive culture change. STS is based on The Clean Community System, which has successfully been applied in over 1,000 cities worldwide since 1976.
The National Policing Institute (The Institute), formerly known as the National Police Foundation, promotes excellence in policing through science and innovation. The Institute was established over 50 years ago by the Ford Foundation in response to the President’s Commission on the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society. The Institute is co

Our Funding

The Safer Together Solution (STS) is currently being funded by The Healthy Culture Research and Education Fund. We are seeking additional funds to bring the STS initiative to new neighborhoods. Contact us for more information.